Letter from the President

2017 was REMARKABLE! Never in my Wildest Dreams did I see this coming. Personally, I want to express my Heartfelt Gratitude to ALL that have made it possible for our efforts to be recognized Nationally It goes without saying we have been BLESSED from day 1 with some of the most COMMITTED AND COMPASSIONATE People Ever! Because of them, we have made an ENORMOUS Impact on the disease of addiction in our communities and at the state level. This has truly been our BEST Year yet at Bryan’s HOPE!
In August, Governor Rick Snyder selected our organization as winner for the 2017 Governor’s Service Awards in the Outstanding Volunteer Organization Award Category  http://www.michigan.gov/mcsc/0,4608,7-137-8168-24184–,00.html
In October, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) selected our organization as one of two National Winners of the 2017 DEA Community Drug Abuse Prevention Service Award. *Most Honored to partner with, in the schools and communities and to be nominated by, Supervisor Special Agent Calvin Higgins Jr.
Gratefully our office is still in the Covert Center, however we started our year off with a little move, down the hallway, into room 3a. This means we have WINDOWS! With an Awesome view of our Corsairs Campus. Enjoying the opportunity to work with the Mott National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) students and Lake Orion students creating and producing videos. An AMAZING ADVENTURE and IMPOSSIBLE without our YOUTH
Did I mention Lake Orion…? Do you know about the ARK? Ashley’s Recovery Kitchen (ARK) was created this year at Howarth United Methodist Church in honor of Ashley Sandstrom. Our Amazing Board Member Paul Sandstrom sadly lost his beautiful daughter, Ashley, in 2015 and since has joined our efforts, 100%, to provide opiate awareness and education to his community. The ARK provides a monthly community meeting (usually the 4th Thursday) that include a hands-on recipe for all to enjoy, highlighting the importance that WHOLE-BODY RECOVERY includes HEALTHY EATING & COOKING Keeping in mind budget and time. Food & Fellowship creates Friendly conversation for different topics related to the issues of addiction
Overall, our Harm Reduction efforts have provided over 200 Naloxone Trainings to Thousands of people in 13 counties of SE Michigan donating over 1,500 Naloxone kits with 101 of those kits being used for successful overdose reversals on people that likely would have died otherwise
Legislative advocacy continues to be a major concern and will propel us to be even more vigilante to make sure our voices are heard at the state and federal level to promote better treatment of those with addiction and never stop leading efforts to stamp out the stigma that surrounds the disease of addiction
As we move forward into our 5th year at Bryan’s HOPE with GREAT OPTIMIZIUM, maximizing our Resources with continued COURAGE & STRENGTH we stand UNITED and PROUD to be WARRIORS on the FRONT LINE and SUPPORTIVE of all in the Battle against Opiate Addiction
Monthly Naloxone Trainings http://www.bryanshope.org/naloxone/
5th Annual Bowl-a-thon February 18, 2018 at 300 Bowl Waterford MI
5th Annual Softball Tournament September 8, 2018 at Friendship Park Lake Orion MI
The ARK Monthly meetings, 4th Thursday each month 7-8 pm, at Howarth Church in Lake Orion
Monthly board meetings, 3rd Monday each month, 6-7 pm, at our office in the Covert.


Let me start off this New Year 2015 by shouting, from the bottom of my heart, “THANK YOU!” I can’t believe the life-changing support of this community. We have truly seen the outcome that is possible when a committed group of people come together–even in a wealthy, large community that doesn’t want to admit there is a problem. Our efforts together have shown our community, our leaders and our legislators that we need help. We demand help! The prescription drug crisis that has morphed up over the last 20 years has begun to be addressed; however, now look what’s happening: Heroin epidemic. Oakland County sees as least one overdose death per day. Unfortunately, that is going to get worse before it gets better.

As a parent, grandparent and President of this group, I intend to work even harder this year to bring awareness and education to our community and beyond, especially our youth, about the drug of choice these days: opiates/heroin (because they are one and the same–doctors sell you one and the drug cartel is selling the other). Studies are proving more and more often that substance use and abuse starts at earlier ages than previously thought and, sadly, lots of times it starts at home in our own medicine cabinets. I can attest to that. As parents, we know it is our job to be aware of the dangers and try to be proactive. The problem has been, we didn’t know. People didn’t have a clue how addictive opiates could be. Doctors didn’t really know until recently. Only now that the US has 45 people per day dying from overdoses (one 17-25 year-old per day in Oakland County) do we feel a sliver of HOPE that our voices are being heard.

Addiction takes the whole family hostage. The average addict’s actions affect an average of five other people. Sometimes these people don’t have a clue that their loved one is using heroin and, sadly, when we do figure it out, it is often too late. That is not to say every addict will die or end up in prison, because they don’t. Addicts are learning recovery. They are slowly starting to defy the odds. The disease of addiction never goes away but can be managed, but NOT if we remain in DENIAL. Keeping the silence just enables the beast to grow. Please don’t feel ashamed, embarrassed or hopeless. Know that we are not alone in this nightmare. We must face it head on. Everybody knows somebody who is suffering from or lost to opiate/heroin addiction in one way or another. We need to realize that the underlying cause of this epidemic is a medical disease, often, multiple medical diseases.

We must continue to fight with all our resources. There is strength in numbers. Reach out, speak up! Your voice will be heard. Our voices have been heard: from holding monthly Community Action Meetings (CAM) to providing the social network connections to support 4,500 people (in the most painful situations ever), to the FED Up March and Rally we attended at the White House, to filming our own 45-minute documentary on the effects of heroin addiction in our community, to opioid overdose prevention training’s & Naloxone distributions, to the thousands of phone calls & letters written to legislators, leaders, Executive Directors, School Superintendents, law enforcement, EMS, hospitals, doctors, coalitions, etc., and then getting the call from Governor’s Snyder’s office that he is about to sign the bills you have advocated for the past year…… PRICELESS!

If you haven’t already, come out to one of our meetings or events and see how you can be part of the solution to rid this drug pollution from our community. Our wagon is rolling, so jump on board! If nothing changes, then nothing changes. What have you got to lose?

Jeannie Richards – Founder and President

Bryan’s HOPE (Heroin Opiate Prevention Education)

(248) 410-4163